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Jodi Arias Gunshot First Scenario

This video absolutely proves the initial chain of events in the murder of Travis Alexander.

It also proves Juan Martinez twisted the truth in his quest to execute Jodi Arias.  The medical examiner knew full well that people can still function, be conscious, move and speak with the type of bullet wound Travis Alexander received.  Juan’s murderous heart persuaded the ME and Detective Flores to lie about the gunshot wound. 

A RESPONSE & comment

Response to :  http://youcouldbewrong.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/who-is-on-trial-jodi-arias-or-travis-alexander/#comment-1310

Thank you once again DARE TO THINK for sharing your thinking perceptions of who is on trial. I especially appreciate the kindness you demonstrate to opposing perceptions. It is heart warming to know there are individuals who live what they preach and that is demonstrated in your replies to those who are having difficulty in understanding the complicated, multifaceted facts in this case.

Truth is, we are only observers. We are not on the jury and we are not members of Jodi or Travis’ family. The press is NOT the jury or the judge.

Personally, I don’t understand how women that have been abused don’t see that Jodi was indeed abused mentally, emotionally and physically. The facts I have learned through watching the trial and listening to the witnesses clearly demonstrate Jodi was abused and that Travis wasn’t the innocent moral victim the prosecution wants to portray.

Juan Martinez is abusive and his behavior in the courtroom is incomprehensible to me! My experience has been when someone has to yell and scream, it is usually because they are wrong and/or hiding the truth. I cringed while he was battering the witnesses. His behavior is demonstrative of a torturer, not an intelligent perspective competent prosecutor.


I am very disappointed in HLN for distorting and twisting the facts, for inciting the public to  a mob mentality and almost vicious violence.  Some of the comments I have read on twitter and facebook are indicative of murderous thoughts and sentiments.  I have read comments where people have said, “just cut her head off”, “kill her already”, and vile name calling.  The same kind of vile name calling Travis participated in.  The press should be held to higher standard in reporting the news.  HLN is NOT the source to receive the facts from.  They promote sensationalism, “yellow journalism” and are inciting the public to hatred for money.

Watching Jodi’s father in the interview with Detective Flores was heart breaking.  It certainly said a lot about why Jodi had low self-confidence and esteem.  He was unkind and didn’t talk about his daughter like he loved her at all.  So sad…

I never understood how men could be so cruel to women who please them sexually…this saga could be a  to a good lesson to women, especially young women.

In a more perfect world, the reasons people choose murder, a life of imprisonment and sometimes death would be clearly evident. Very seldom do we know why people do what they do, even when the murderer tells us the reason.

Clearly our perceptions deceive us and are just that…perceptions.  As one of the millions of people following the Jodi Arias trial, my perspectives and opinions are just that…my perspectives and opinions.

And, although I realize I am one of few who believe Jodi Arias should be found innocent of Murder One, I am passionate about it and not just because I believe the death penalty is inhumane and is in fact murder.

I have a different perspective than what the prosecution is trying to prove in their case against Jodi Arias.

I don’t believe Jodi Arias is a monster or a terrible person and I don’t believe Travis Alexander was a monster or a terrible person.  I do believe they both were two innocent young people sticking their toes in but not fully submerged in life.  They were both enthusiastic about life.  They were both exploring the independence that comes with being an adult.  And, neither Travis nor Jodi really had a handle on what they were doing…just as most young adults don’t.

I don’t blame Travis for his inability to understand what he was doing to Jodi emotionally, mentally and spiritually and I don’t blame Jodi for not understanding the ramifications that go along with thinking we need another human being to complete us in order to be happy.

Women and men are different when it comes to sex.  Women can scream about equality all they want but the truth is we are very different creatures when it comes to sex.  Most women don’t function well with more than one sexual partner.  Most men however don’t have problems with being sexually active with more than one woman.  It doesn’t make men bad, it is just the way it is.

Obviously Jodi was very naive if she believed by becoming a Mormon and obliging Travis’ sexual desires would insure he would love her and want to keep her always.  Travis knew she wasn’t a virgin.  Is it possible he thought she was fair game because she had lived with a man for four years?  Is it possible the real reason Travis’ Mormon friends were apprehensive about Jodi and discouraged Travis was because she wasn’t a virgin and was experienced sexually?

During an interview on HLN two women who were Mormons appeared to be bragging when they described a day Jodi came over to their house and they actually told her to leave and that she wasn’t welcomed.  On another interview on HLN (Dr. Drew) a husband and wife Mormon talked about how Jodi was “sexually intimidating”.  The wife said she didn’t want Jodi around her husband.  All I could think was, poor Jodi didn’t have a chance.  If only she had known better, loved herself more, been more secure…she would have packed her bags and run back to California away from these narrow minded, fear-based thinking people.

I keep thinking about how horrible it must have made Jodi feel to be treated so callously by Travis’ friends and what that did to her psyche.

Jodi’s past was indicative of not being a promiscuous woman.  What we know or have been told about Travis is that sex was a sin and morally reprehensible  in regards to  his religion.Here were two people who didn’t drink and didn’t indulge in drugs. But, they both displayed addictive sexual behaviors.

I believe Jodi was merely obliging Travis, as most young girls do and as a lot of young men, Travis didn’t appreciate her sexual favors and instead looked for a virgin wife while having every sexual fantasy fulfilled by Jodi.  How many women have experienced the humiliation of a man using them just for sex?  Remember what that felt like ladies?

But, Travis’ ignorance and inability to be an authentic person wasn’t really his fault…we only know what we know.  And, it certainly wasn’t justification for murder or justification for Jodi to be so hurt, so devastated that she would take his life and and her own…because we know her life will be forever impacted by her reacting to her hurt and will always be a prisoner of those actions.

I believe Jodi went to Travis home with the gun but not necessary to kill him.  We will never know that.  I do believe she had the gun on him while in the shower, but I believe initially she was just trying to intimidate him.  The photos in the shower depicted a lot of fear in his eyes.  I think perhaps Travis did go after her at one point but wasn’t successful because of his injuries.  I don’t the details.  The only person that will ever know for sure is Jodi.  But, I believe in the end Jodi slashed his throat because he wasn’t dying like she thought he would and she wanted to end his suffering.

It is wrong to dismiss Travis’ mistreatment of Jodi of being inconsequential.  I look at the devastation and hurt of his loss and the sorrowful impact it has made on  his family and Jodi’s family as well.

I believe there is a lot to be learned from this horrible killing and unfortunately the press is  encouraging the mob mentality that is permeating across the nation and the world. Defense attorney’s have been giving their opinion in the press and are sounding like prosecution attorneys.  To me that is like having a priest scream for the death penalty.  I use to believe defense attorneys were the people who would have our backs when we messed up or were being unfairly prosecuted…now I’m not so sure.

A lot of women who have suffered through abuse are denying her claims Travis was abusive, even despite the fact we know mental and emotional abuse are often times far worse than the physical abuse.

It is wrong to blame the victim, but if the death penalty wasn’t an option, there probably wouldn’t have been as much blame subscribed to Travis and there is a chance for everyone who wanted to know all the sorry details, Jodi might have actually told more of the truth.

I, like the rest of the world, following this case am very empathetic towards Travis’ family and the horrific loss they are going through.  I am also sorry for Jodi’s family and especially her mother and aunt who have not missed a day of the trial.

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